Todas las expresiones del arte aquí...


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    Hi! I know this is probably annoying, but I recently started a YouTube channel called Missy Gwen, and I would love it if you would check it out! Thanks! Sorry for the self-promo 😂

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    Hello fellow artists!!! I made a board a while ago called quarantine art challenge and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining! I post daily drawing prompts along with some other challenges so people can share the art they make during quarantine! If anyone is interested please request to join on the board!! Also feel free to dm me!

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    Hi there, just to let you know all of these are sooo good. I know self promo is annoying but I would love if you would check my account out and follow it. It’s not much but i will add to it and maybe upload my art on there!! Thankyou!! 💕

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    como le hiciste para hacer esas manos, las intento y me quedan terribles, ayuda!!!!

  6. Posted by carmenlopezvicente, — Reply

    que mona,es ideal para dibujarla en esta cuarentena tan larga y aburrida

  7. Posted by Aresss8, — Reply

    I thought her nose was a mouth and it looked so creepy

  8. Posted by shannonsinger8, — Reply

    I am making profile pictures/wallpapers! Message me if you would like one☺️💕

  9. Posted by Sunne17, — Reply

    She's like:👁️👄👁️

  10. Posted by vall_cj, — Reply

    ♥ cute

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